Happy Leaf at the Green Living Expo at McHenry College

Happy Leaf is proud to be a part of the Green Living Expo at McHenry College on November 4th, 2018. Free and open to the public. Click here for more info

Happy Leaf Commercial

Featuring Adam & Eve

Off-The-Grid Greenhouse on TV - August 27, 2016

Happy Leaf involved with the Oregon High School off-the-grid greenhouse

Happy Leaf on the Mike Nowak Radio Podcast - August 14, 2016

Why are LEDs making indoor gardening a real thing

TEDx - Empowerment Through Light by Vic Zaderej

The lighting industry was revolutionized over 130 years ago when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. But since that breakthrough in technology, much of the lighting industry hasn't changed. Vic Zaderej, a solid state lighting engineer, gives us a peek at the future of lighting and the good it can bring to various parts of the world.

Sauk Valley News Features Happy Leaf LED!

When the sun goes down, Happy Leaf LED takes over!

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