Procyon Series

Extremely versatile, USA Made LED grow lights that will last for years.  Commercial growers and home growers alike get great results in yields, plant health and power savings with these award winning lights.  Depending on where the light is placed, it will start and grow seeds, as well as invigorate early growth, and finally, finish the most demanding plants to their flowering stages.  Silent operation with minimal heat, plus the unique function of an independent power supply that ensures the light will last for many years.  5 Year Replacement Warranty on all light.


Kits and Add-ons

The popular Garden in a Box is available with either the 4" or 17" light.  This kit gives you everything you need to instantly start growing using passive hydroponics.  The kits include everything you need, except water, wide-mouth jars, and the electrical power.You will also find the an assortment of optional products that can be used with our lights.

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Commercial Replacement Warranty

Quantity pricing is available for commercial applications.  Contact or call 815-414-2209 to request a quote.

For commercial applications, Happy Leaf LLC offers a 5 year replacement warranty from the date of purchase if the unit has a defect in material or workmanship.  The unit must be operated within a temperature range of between 30 and 100 degrees.  The unit must not be modified from its original condition. Happy Leaf LLC is not responsible or any failure  due to external causes such as acts of nature; physical damage, environmental conditions, vandalism, fire, power failure, power supply not provided by Happy Leaf LLC, power surges or dips, animal or insect activity, or other causes beyond the control of Happy Leaf LLC.