What Makes Happy Leaf LED Lights Different?


Advanced Technology
We buy only the most current and high quality LEDs in Germany. This allow us to optimize our output to produce PAR values that are at the top of the industry. They cost more than the bargain LEDs but the adage “you get what you pay for” is never more true than with LEDs. Dig into specifications and look for the details about the precise wavelengths, spectrum and PAR value. This is how you will often find that many grow light manufacturers don’t even provide these important details. Here is a link to all of our specifications


Made in the USA
A core value of our company is to keep as much as possible of the manufacturing, designing and sourcing for our lights and other accessories within the U.S.. The exterior and the circuit boards of our lights are USA made, and our assembly is also done in the U.S. The stands and brackets we use are made in the U.S. as well. We do source our LEDs from Germany because at this time, they’re the highest quality ones you can buy.


5 Year Warranty
Yes, we will replace a failed light or power supply that was purchased directly from us within five years of the original purchase date.  Over the past five years, we haven’t had to replace any lights due to a failure.
Here is our warranty in detail.


Unparalleled Customer Service
It’s us, not a proxy of us, that answers the phone, your email or your text. We will get you answers when you have questions. This is the way we do business and will always do business. We believe this is one of the key differences in our company that sets us apart in a very competitive market.


Cool and Quiet
There are still a lot of grow lights that are designed with noisy fans and motors. Our design takes advantage of state-of-the art concepts of heat diffusion to eliminate the need for fans. Also, these lights are silent, no buzz or hum.


Independent Power Supply
An important characteristic of our design is that it uses a power supply that is independent of the fixture. The light itself is solid-state, no-fail technology. Due to the longevity of the LEDs and the design of our lights, we fully expect these lights to keep working for you long past the 5 year warranty.


Versatile Shape and Size
The lightweight and slim design of our lights allows endless options for a variety of uses and methods to hang them - they are great for intra-canopy lighting, for example.


Why your plants will be happier

At Happy Leaf, we determine quality light by what is known as PAR value. This stands for Photosynthetically Active Radiation and it’s important because it is a measurement of the wavelengths of light that plants actually use. Happy Leaf LED lights have been specifically tuned to provide the optimum PAR value for maximum growth and the healthiest most vital plants. For a detailed discussion of PAR, see our blog post, “What You Really Need to Know About Grow Lights.”

Try our high-quality Procyon series grow lights and see for yourself!

What others are saying about our lights

We are happy to provide references, because the people who already use our lights are our best ambassadors. Here is a professional in the hydroponics industry who has tested and uses Happy Leaf LED lights:


The next step is for you to call or email us and ask any questions that you have. We love questions.